Andrew Yeo

Senior Fellow and SK-Korea Foundation Chair

Professor of Politics 

Brookings Insitution & The Catholic University of America

Andrew Yeo is a Senior Fellow and the SK-Korea Foundation Chair at the Brookings Institution’s Center for East Asia Policy Studies. He is also a Professor of Politics at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

In addition to his most recent book, State, Society, and Markets in North Korea (Cambridge University Press), he is the author or co-editor of four other books: Asia’s Regional Architecture: Alliances and Institutions in the Pacific Century (Stanford University Press, 2019),  North Korean Human Rights: Activists and Networks (Cambridge University Press 2018); Activists, Alliances, and Anti-U.S. Base Protests (Cambridge University Press 2011); and Living in an Age of Mistrust: An Interdisciplinary Study of Declining Trust in Contemporary Society and Politics and How to Get it Back (Routledge Press 2017).

His research and teaching interests include international relations theory, East Asian regionalism, Asian security, narratives and discourse, the formation of beliefs, ideas, and worldviews, civil society and democracy, social and transnational movements, overseas basing strategy, Korean politics, and North Korea. In 2020, he was a Fulbright senior scholar in the Philippines. He received his Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University, and BA in Psychology and International Studies from Northwestern University. Click on his CV and full biography for more information. 

Law School #418
Department of Politics
The Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20064